SBL Acidum Aceticum 1X (Q) (30ml)

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For Anaemia, Burns, Corns, Weakness, High Body Temperature, Warts
Aceticum acidum also popularly known as acetic acid is well adapted to the lean people with pale face. Face pale, waxy and emaciated with dark circles around eyes. 

It has marked action on debility especialy after injuries, after surgical shocks and also after anaesthetics. 

Profound anaemia with frequent fainting is relieved by Acidum Aceticum.

Aceticum acidum also works for high body temperature with drenching night sweat and prostration. There is profuse salivation and stomach disorder with high body temperature. 

The patient always feels better lying on belly.

Acetic acid is also indicated in gastrointestinal troubles with sour belching and vomitings after every kind of food with profuse salivation. 

There is voilent burning pain in the stomach and chest followed by coldness of the skin. 

Acidum Aceticum also helps in diarrhea of emaciated children having frequent watery stools worse in morning. Diarrhea with thirst and night sweats.

This remedy also includes dropsy associated with high blood sugar. Dropsy with great thirst and emaciation.


It relieves heaviness and dull pains in forehead and vertex.

Acidum Aceticum is useful in headache from abuse of tobacco, opium, coffee, or alcohol.


Acidum Aceticumis indicated for person Liable to frequent catarrhal attacks.

Nose-bleed, especially from a fall or a blow is relieved by Acidum Aceticum.


Teeth feel dull, breath foul.

Scorbutic ulcers, toothache is well relieved by this remedy.

Tongue pale and flabby.

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SBL Acidum Aceticum 1X (Q) (30ml)

85.00100.00 (-15%)

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