Dr Willmar Schwabe India Aluminium Muriaticum 3X (20g)

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For Trembling limbs, Constipation, Cold & sweaty hand, Anxiety, Headache

It used to treat variety of health complications including trembling of the limbs, constipation, sweaty palms and is beneficial remedy to cure anxiety and headache.

Key Ingredients:

  • Aluminium Muriaticum

Key Benefits:

  • It is primarily used for the treatment psychological disorders such as anxiety and depression
  • It improves mood and relieves headache associated with depression
  • Anxiety tends to create nervousness and restlessness throughout the body and it can lead to sweat palms and feet. Aluminium Muriaticum relives these symptoms
  • Acts as a laxative and is helpful in the treatment of constipation associated with anxiety
  • It corrects depression induced mood swings and can be used to promote better sleep

Directions For Use:
Take four tablets four times daily and let it dissolve on the tongue. Do not swallow directly. Reduce the dose to half for children under 12 years of age. In acute cases, take a dose every 2 hours. In severe cases, take a dose every 10-15 minutes. In chronic cases, take one to four doses daily.

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Dr Willmar Schwabe India Aluminium Muriaticum 3X (20g)

107.00125.00 (-14%)

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