Dr Willmar Schwabe India Alumina 3X (20g)

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Constipation, Difficult passing hard stools, white vaginal discharge
It helps in Dryness associated with all complaints, Dry nose, Dry throat, dry skin etc.

Straining, Need to apply force to pass even soft stools and urine.

Difficult stools from inactivity of intestines.

Urination at night time is increased and has to pass by applying pressure.

Slow functioning, weakness of muscles, sluggish activity, has to force onself, Paralytic conditions.

Great general fatigue, even after a short walk, but chiefly after speaking. Frequent stretching while sitting. 

Important indicated symptoms of Alumina

Always hurried and worried and still slow in actions.

Slowness of response that leads to paralytic conditions.

Delayed action on the mental plane, and externally on the central and peripheral nervous systems (Time passes too slowly)

Loss of confidence and Fear while doing any new task.

Confusion of mind, cannot decide or take decisions. 

Boils or itching exanthemata on perineum.─The slightest injuries of the skin smart, and become inflamed.

All irritating foods immediately start cough. Cough with restricted respiration, or with pains in the head and at the nape of the neck.

Before and during menstruation, colics, headaches, and other painful affections. After the menses great fatigue.

Constipation during Pregnancy.

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Dr Willmar Schwabe India Alumina 3X (20g)

106.00125.00 (-15%)

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