Dr. Reckeweg Calcarea Phosphoricum 6X

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  • Used to prevent teething problems in infants
  • Helps to prevent difficulties related to teething like diarrhea, loss of appetite, low-grade fever, irritability and biting
  • Helps in recovery from fracture, anaemia, and calcium-related deficiencies
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Calcarea Phos 6X Tablet is a bone and teeth supplement, it is a homeopathic medicine. Calcarea phosphoricum is the major constituent in bones and teeth. It is commonly prescribed for teething problems in infants, after dental drilling or surgery, to reduce tooth decay, and to stimulate the timely eruption of teeth.

An insufficient supply of calcarea phosphoricum can result in deficient nutrition and retarded growth, thus it is often needed during puberty to encourage normal growth and development. In the same way Calc phos can be helpful to prevent fractures and reduce osteoporotic tendencies in the elderly. Cell salts work well together when combined. For example, for delayed dentition in children (teeth are erupting too slowly or late), Calc fluor, Calc phos, and Silicea are often prescribed together. And since Mag phos helps harden dental enamel, it is often combined with Calc fluor, Calc phos, and Silicea post-dental drilling or surgery. To restore the body after major acute illnesses and to treat fatigue and anemia, Calc phos and Ferrum phos are often taken together.

Uses of Dr. Reckeweg Calcarea Phosphorica
Calcarea. phos is useful in defective nutrition, whether of childhood, puberty, or of old age.
It is used for psychological conditions, during depression or associated problems.
Patients who have a tendancy to glandular and bone diseases, in teenagers who have less height, problems that arise due to inappropriate intake of calcium, milk or diet can be benefited after taking Calcarea phosphorica.
Children with slow development of teeth, having a tendancy to form curves of the bones, Spinal curvature where development of spine is slow and the child needs support while sitting.
In children who are late to walk, Slow walking; neck too thin and weak to support head, Rickets, Calcarea Phosphorica gives good results.
Cold atmosphere that causes pains in joints and sutures (stitches), arthritic pains, hip joint diseases are relieved when administered with Calcarea phosphorica.
Used in fractures that take time to heal; slow healing.
Complaints that arise after Change of weather are better after taking Calcarea Phosphorica.
Common symptoms of Calcarea Phosphorica
Sensitive to cold in any form, is commonly found in Calcarea phos patient, backache problems, arthritis that arise in winter seasons.
Burning and pressing pains, itching, weakness with numbness in body parts is commonly seen.
Enlarged tonsils with pain, cannot open mouth; is relieved with help of Calcarea Phosphorica.
Coughing complaints that come when lying down.
Pain in stomach after eating, problem of gas, flatulence, unsatisfactory feeling after passing stool.
Pain in the kidney region while passing urine.
Stiffness and difficulty in movement of neck, joints , back when walking.
It is helpful for the problem of piles that burns during evening time.

Calcarea Phosphorica works best in Menstrual problems associated with severe back pains, school girls headache during puberty, during menses and for white discharge in females.

Important indicated symptoms of Calcarea Phosphorica
After acute diseases when patient suffers from problems of anemia (low hemoglobin), weakness, exhaustion, Calcarea phosphorica works splendidly.
Development of head in children is slow after birth, delay in talking and walking, late development of teeth, malformation of bones.
Diabetes when the lungs are affected, for weaklings, the ill-nourished, the very young or old age.
Pains accompanied with numbness, cramps, cold sweat, Calcarea Phosphorica gives best results.
During recovery from any disease, restores tone to the weakened organs and tissues.
For children and their problems during dentition, in stunted children and related problems Calcarea phosphorica gives good results.
Protein deficiency growth problems and school children headaches are recovered well by calcarea phosphorica.
In young, where delayed formation of bones, fracture of bones, delay in union of bones is commonly seen, Calcarea phosphorica is beneficial.
In children who have aversion,(dislike) towards mothers milk, do not drink milk during dentition, recurring tooth problems.

Direction for use:
Infant- 2 Tablets 2 times a day;
Children- 2 Tablets 4 times a day;
Adults- 4 Tablets 4 times a day

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Dr. Reckeweg Calcarea Phosphoricum 6X

140.00170.00 (-18%)

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