Dr.Reckeweg Arsenicum Album 30 (11ml)

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Dosage for Arsenicum album 30 –
Adults can take 4 drops for 3 days consecutively , empty stomach.
For children below 12 years , 2 drops can be taken for 3 days.

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Dr. Reckeweg Arsenicum Album Dilution is primarily used for the treatment of stomach disorders caused due to exposure to cold food items or cold drinks. These problems can become recurrent in people and it may lead to anxiety in patients due to recurrent health issues. Arsenicum Album is highly effective in treating gastric and digestive disorders.

Key Ingredient:
Arsenicum Album

Key Benefits:
It provides relief from acidity and indigestion
It is also helpful in relieving stress and anxiety
Relives anxiety related to recurrent health problems by preventing them
Helps in treating respiratory ailments such as cough, wheezing and breathing difficulties
Helps in healing skin related ailments such as Oedema, swelling, ulcers and pustules
Useful in treating fever and weakness caused due to it

Causes & Symptoms for  Arsenicum Album
Complaints that arise after exposure to cold, eating ice or cold drinks, after effects of tobacco, after intake of decayed food, after exhaustive diseases.
Burning sensation accompanied with all the complaints is the red strand of the remedy.
Complaints with excess of anxiety, fear that is leading every complaint.
A deep seated Insecurity when it comes to health related troubles, where he/she starts feeling anxious about the recovery.
Action of Arsenic Album

Anxiety, restlessness and prostration.
The anxiety takes form of restlessness, in which he constantly moves.
Cannot stay alone, always wants to be with company and people.

Headache with nausea and vomiting, fear of being alone.
Heat inside the head which is relieved by cold.
Other all complaints relieved by warmth and wrapping up.

Swelling of face with burnign sensation. Wrapping up the face relieves the complaints, sunken cold face.
Ulcers with offensive discharge and Icy coldness of body.


Burning of eyes

Burning in stomach, Vomiting of Bile, nausea and uneasiness.
Ill effects of bad food, spicy, pungent things, icy cold things.
Complaints aggrevated after eating.
Pain in the stomach with craving for milk.

Abdominal pains due to enlarged liver and spleen.
Burning pains relieved by heat.

Irritable heart in smokers and tobacco chewers with palpitations and breathing difficulties.
Rapid pulse in the mornings, pain in the neck and Occiput.

Disturbed sleep due to excess thoughts and worry.
Dreams are full of care and fear.

Burning Pains while passing urine.
Frequent urging to urinate with straining to urinate and there is bloody urine intermingled with clots.

Passage of excess and frequent stool after eating food, which was infected or bad food or acidity troubles that cause diarrhoea.
Burning pains while passing stools with hemorrhoids that burn, surrounding anal skin is red and itchy.

Females: Menses profuse and bleeding excessive with burning in ovarian region.
Least exertion causes pain and fatigue.

Swelling of Joints with complaints of Weakness and Burning pains.
Ulcers on the heels, with heaviness and cramps in calf muscles.

The theme of cleanliness, neatness and perfection runs through the whole remedy.
Constant thirst for small sips of water.
Any error is not tolerated by the patient, he is always cautious and fault finder who criticizes the other if not happy.
Aggravation : Cold, excess work, worry, eating after, after midnight.
Amelioration: Warmth, wrapping up, warm drinks.

Directions For Use
Take 3-5 drops of dilution with 1 teaspoon of water thrice a day or as directed by the physician.


Safety Information:
Read the label carefully before use
Do not exceed the recommended dosage
Keep out of the reach of children
Use under medical supervision
Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight and heat

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37 Questions For This Product

  1. 37

    by Raman sikka

    Very nice medicine

  2. 37

    by Kul bhushan bhalla

    It is a good attempt and an act of general welfare for the public. I will like to have more such reviews with clinical cases cured with the medicines discussed.

  3. 37

    by Ajaysaini

    All medicine very nice

  4. 37

    by Seema

    Please suggest medicine for pain in waist and spine. I had undergone spine surgery last year.

    • by Manager

      You can take Macrotinum 200 ( 4 drops once in a day )
      Gelsemium Q ( 10 drops twice daily )

  5. 37

    by Rinku Paul

    First 3 day take 4 drops next when I take

    • by Manager

      You can repeat it after 15 days

  6. 37

    by Koushik Mallik

    a) is it corona resistant ? How far ?
    b) is this available in market ?

    • by Manager


      a) It is for immunity only.

      b) Yes it is available at our website

  7. 37


    Has it any side effects?

    • by Manager

      No sir ,it has no side effects

  8. 37

    by R.C. SHARMA

    What is correct dose medicine
    4drops per day for 3 days or 4 drops 3 times per day for 3 days. Please clarify the same.

    • by Manager

      Sir correct dose is 4 drops once in a day for 3 days empty stomach.

  9. 37

    by Indrani Chowdhury

    Is it safe for patients on dialysis thrice a week?Also high alkaline phosphatase 348.

    • by Manager

      Sir , the patient should avoid it if dialysis is being done thrice a week.

  10. 37


    Answer of my earlier question is still awaited. Pl. send reply immediately so that dose of Arsenic Album 30 may be regularised accordingly.

    • by Manager

      Sir you can take 4 drops once only for 3 days empty stomach.

  11. 37


    Refer your reply dt.30.6.2020 I further enquire that if pt. does not get relief in 3 days than medicine should be stopped for 15 days or may be cotinued till relief . How treatment will be regularised during ill condition

    • by Manager

      Sir it can repeated till the patient is relieved.

  12. 37

    by Meenskshi

    Please suggest me some medicine for low back pain n cervical spondlosis results in neck pain secondly is there any medicine for cataract and yo improve eye sight

    • by Manager

      For lower back pain you can take Cimicifuga 200 ( 4 drops twice daily )
      Macrotinum 200 ( 4 drops twice daily )

      For cataract
      Cineraria martima eye drops
      Calc flour 12x ( 4 tablets 3 times a day )

  13. 37

    by Rahul gatlevar

    Three weeks back we had ars alb 30. 4pils for three days in the morning.i hv no reactions of whatsoever on me.my wife is diabetic around 50 years age.she has some rashes on upper hand and itching mild all over body,burning ,not clear urination.etc.this symtoms are developed after two weeks.is it because of ars alb.pls guide.

    • by Manager

      Pl wait for 10 days , it will subside or thereafter you can contact us

  14. 37

    by Rupak Biswas

    How many months take this medicine

    • by Manager

      The dosage can be repeated after 10 days , it is for immunity only.

  15. 37

    by Sk.Monirul Islam

    How many days we taken the doses of arsenal 30 in case of age 12to52years.any side effects ?

    • by Manager

      4 drops for 3 days consecutively (for adults)
      For children below 12 years dosage can be haved.

  16. 37

    by Asit mahata

    How many months should I take this medicine?

    • by Manager

      You can take this medicine for a month.

  17. 37

    by Rajkumar Sadhu

    Last,,,madicin ta kiser

  18. 37

    by Meenakshi Bhattacharyya

    This medicine is effective for covid19

    • by Manager

      Mam it is for prevention only.

  19. 37

    by Uma Ghosh

    It’s a German product

    • by Manager

      Yes it’s a german made product.

  20. 37

    by Sajal biswas

    Stuffy nose. Cold .cough. Only for Bangalore.Other State I have no problem.but my work place is Bangalore.

    • by Manager

      You may take Ammonium carb 30 ( 4 drops twice daily )
      Dr.Reckeweg R 9 (15 drops thrice daily)

  21. 37

    by Rajkumar Sadhu

    Agulo ki sob khete hobe

  22. 37

    by Alok pramanik

    It’s protect cobid-19?

  23. 37

    by Utpal Bhowal

    Is it a preventive drug for Covid 19 ? If it is so, what is the dose for adults ? How many days it should be taken ?

    • by Manager

      It is for immunity only.

  24. 37

    by Chandra kant shukla

    Camphor 1 m ki dose kya hogi

    • by Manager

      You can take 2 drops for 2 days with a one day gap.

  25. 37

    by Nilamber dutt Pandey (verified owner)

    It can be used as a immunity booster for pandemic virus?

    • by Manager

      Yes it can be used for immunity as advised by Ministry of AYUSH

  26. 37

    by Ayushi

    In my forhead left side small tumear which is upper side not internally. Which medicine you are suggested.

    • by Manager

      Mam is it tumor?

  27. 37

    by Vasantha Chandran

    Is it good for corona virus

    • by Manager

      It is for immunity

  28. 37

    by Govind Singh Rathore

    Good day sir ,iam having severe acidty and gastric problem and too much burping .kindly suggest good medicine.

    • by Manager

      You may take Carbo veg 30 (4 drops twice daily)
      Natrum Phos 6x (4 tablets thrice daily )

  29. 37

    by Yash Deep Saxena

    Sir. I took medicine for 3days but releif is not seeing. Can I continue for other 3days.

    • by Manager

      Could you please apprise your problem ?

  30. 37

    by Seena

    If anyone is covid 19 positive and in home isolation. Then whhat is dose for their family members . How long they have to take this medicine?

    • by Manager

      This medicine is for immunity only.

  31. 37

    by Partha Das

    Can I take this medicine for (
    covid -19 protection) daily ?
    And continue it…?
    Please answer me as soon as possible.

    • by Manager

      No it is not for protection

  32. 37

    by Subrata Ghosh

    There is a Cist in the back side of the neck since ten years or above. Since then I am using homeopathic medicine as per Doctors advice. But the condition of the Cost as it is. Kindly, advice me what medicine will be appropriate. My age is 34 years.

    • by Manager

      For Cyst you may take
      Thuja 200 ( 4 drops twice daily)
      Calc flour 12x ( 4 tablets three times daily)

  33. 37

    by Sumit Kumar Dhar

    What will be the dose if I have Arsenic Album 200 instead of Arsenic Album 30.

    • by Manager

      You may take 2 drops for three days if you are having Arsenic Album 200.

  34. 37

    by shikha bose

    I take 9 drops daily is it effect my health?& I take this medicine 7 days.

    • by Manager

      We would suggest you to kindly decrease the dose , you can take it after a gap of 15 days .

  35. 37

    by Dilip Bhongle

    I take ten drop at a time is it ok??

    • by MedHomeo

      Sir you need to reduce the drops to 4

  36. 37

    by rameshanag (verified owner)

    Whether this medicine can be used as a preventive medicine for Covid 19?
    Kindly reply urgently

    • by MedHomeo

      It is for immunity only

  37. 37

    by Balachandra D N (verified owner)

    Arsenic album 30 & Arseniccum Album 30 same are different? Iam order arsenic album 30 but sending arsenicum album 30

    • by MedHomeo

      Both are same.

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